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My neighbourhood, St Leonards on Sea, is a hive of creative folk - designing, creating, making - we've all been lured here by a desire to see deeper vistas, wider horizons and a sense of "creative possibilities."

People love the mix of community and villagey caring community that comes with a small town.The poignancy of a wintry seaside town is also a lure.The beautiful sadness of off-season arcades and awe inspiring sunsets can be a powerful motivation for artists to move here and none more so than my artist friend Marie-Louise Miller.

Having studied art foundation at St Martin's London and then a Fashion Promotion and Illustration course at Epsom School of Art she then spent many years designing bespoke lighting and interiors  for a luxury London based design studio but has now returned to her true love; drawing and painting.


When Marie-Louise first began painting full time she shared a model and studio with another artist and although the work began, as this does with a series of life drawings,  exploiting the shapes, voids and emotions of that model in a highly experimental mark-making way, her latest body of work now feels very different. It's as if that move to her own space and the fermentation that a few more years of working alone has given her, has resulted in a fresh and evolving style. Her new pieces refract distort and shard her figures with a mixture of highly energetic poses; they cleverly meld a very bold palette with an almost frosted opacity and a completely new, more muted overlay. When I look closely it feels like I'm a voyeur spying on fractured elements of a figure. I peer through chinks of dappled light and vertical blinds. Then, as you step back to survey the whole, you see with fresh clarity the bold colours and human form resonating through.

I guess it's the essence of a being an "Impressionist artist" - she creates a fresh viewpoint, texture and whole for something which we think we all know and understand. Marie-Louise makes us see the body in a fresh way. Certain hues, which she painstakingly blends, can be traced back to a particular time in her childhood - the dusty dry heat of a teenage summer in France with family for instance -she records this by mixing a particular colour that will forever be linked to a coconut-scented sun tan oil and a cloudless blue sky.

Marie Louise's new Tai Chi practice has also been finding its way into her work - her daily energy levels, and the ebb and flow of her mind and body while she works, and her reaction to the light and shade as our seasons change, affects how she makes her marks and even the rapidity of the brushstrokes.It gives her poise and concentration to put in the hours of intensive colour mixing and working.




Above is a shot of a corner of the studio with a cluster of well worn cushions, a place to rest and ponder her day's work, with each fabric linking back to a past nostalgic reminisence.

Here's what the artist feels about her own work:

" I've realised that I have no wish to convince anyone of any particular kind of space, my work is more about an inate nature of something. It's more like a wood, where you have this very complex impression of things when you are inside it. Without being told, you get a complex view made out of many fragments, all of which imply others. I have this idea too about light and temperature and the way temperature is completely part of what's happening, how it feels, whether it's dry or damp or moist or cold, whether it's wellies or crisp crunchiness. Then aswell there are sounds, smells, that special earthy smell, the birds in that intense quietness, all of this is part of wood-ness. Painting for me is something more like this." 

...and taken from text by Sarah J Lloyd:
She paints like a poet, without thinking, all the thinking has gone into the preparation for attending to the now with everything she has. The boundaries have been imagined, space is cleared and made ready, and then she simply pays attention to what is present, immanent, arriving. She is in essence a martial artist of paint and psyche, except essences are a contested philosophical area.

Miller's paintings are about the domain of aliveness and intensity itself. Her spacious intelligent responsiveness gathers up everything in it's path, and leaves a trail of perceptions, notes, sonic, emotional, gestural and chromatic traces or equivalences for the contexts and moments she's encountered. She has an incredible capacity to submerge her awareness almost entirely when she is working, as if disappearing into her investigations. Her paintings then are an honest outcome of this intense process, they mirror her voyage and are made of her meditations, responses and reveries. "

If you would like to find out more about her work or contact Marie-Louise directly then please go to:
MARIE-LOUISE MILLER at The Old Chemist, Silchester Rd, St Leonards on Sea. or use the website to contact her by email :


Late last year a lovely lady called Barbara Weeden got in touch to tell me about the charity she works for called SeeAbility

Did you know that people with learning difficulties and or disabilities are over 20 times more likely to have a serious sight problem than any other section of society? Eye problems often go undiagnosed for a number of reasons - sometimes families are so engrossed in trying to resolve their child's physical and mental difficulties and fire-fighting various episodes that having an eye test is the last thing on their to-do lists. This can mean that young children have astigmatisms, lazy eyes and all sorts of more serious eye conditions to do with their eye health which go undiagnosed and they can then become young adults  where their inability to do simple tasks like hold a cup or pay attention to someone talking to them becomes part of their long list of "disability symptoms" rather than having that issue attributed to them having poor eyesight. In some cases, people lose the sight in one eye because they never had an eye test during their entire childhood. They become partially blind for a reason that was entirely preventable.

I was astounded when I heard that so many young people don't have eye check-ups because High Street opticians just aren't geared up to testing the eyesight of disabled people and don't have the specialist training to cope with unpredictable behaviour or the  location has poor accessability. See Ability provides an amazing service in sending especially trained opticians out to those that need it - whether it's to a care home so the person feels more relaxed and safe, or to do simple but highly effective eye tests in a number of creative ways so the right perscription and diagnosis can be given. Getting someone with special needs the right pair of glasses can really make a dramatic change to the quality of their lives and can improve their mobility and balance, ability to connect and engage better with other people as well as easing headaches and other ailments associated with eye strain.

It's an understated to say that having good eyesight in order to be able to enjoy life to the full and intereact with others is crucial  - eyes are IMPORTANT, right? But for me - my eyes are also my business - seeing texture and colour, making my designs, having healthy working eyes are crucial to my creative passion and livelihood, so when I found out I needed to wear glasses for the first time at the age of 44 it made a big impression on me - suddenly, perfect eyesight couldn't be taken for granted - my food was blurred when I brought it to my face - threading my sewing machine couldn't be done in poor light or without glasses now, and having to learn when I need the spectacle "crutch" was a new skill to learn - so this year, when I also found out that the pressure behind my eyes was also a bit high and with glaucoma running in the family, it felt even more relevant to support this amazing charity.

Barbara explained that she was asking Sussex based businesses to donate prizes for their special dinner dance and  auction and would I be interested? After seeing this engaging You Tube  FILM showing the many caring and highly creative ways in which the opticians can assess and diagnose sight problems for those that need it most, I was more than happy to help.

I decided to donate one of my leather bag making workshops as a prize because I felt that it symbolised everything that I love to do - it's all about sharing a skill, looking, learning and SEEING what can be made from leather and having a long-lasting experience of making something tangible. Plus, who wouldn't want to go home with a wonderful leather handbag? The original intention was that it would be autioned off on the night, but in the end, it became part of their "gift tree" and a guest bought it for one of the SeeAbility staff members who really loves doing handicrafts and who really deserved it! So I'm thrilled to show you a photoograph of Miriam below who is proudly holding up her workshop voucher and I can't wait to meet her when she books in her session soon!

see ability bag making workshop prize winner

The SeeAbility Spectacular event was held on the 27th February at One Great George Street, Westminster and I am thrilled to say that it was a huge success.The Sparkling Gift Trees were particularly popular and contributed over £4,000 to the total sum raised of nearly £90,000 for the Children in Focus campaign.  St Leonards was thrilled to be some small part of that fundraising exercise in 2016. Why not offer your services as a volunteer or how about becoming a gift donator at one of their future events?

If you'd like to learn more about SeeAbility, and the work they do, as well as the residential homes they provide, around the South East please click on this link

Congratulations to everyone involved!



Zeus + Dione: fashion’s modern Greek classics

Photograph: Yiorgos Kaplanidis for the Observer

Read this inspiring story about how two women resurrected a dying fashion industry in Greece and watched it rise phoenix-like into a sought after luxury fashion house.

Written by Tamsin Blanchard for the Telegraph

BYE BYE BOWIE January 19 2016, 0 Comments

The world has spent the day in a quiet and saddened way, mourning the loss of David Bowie, the man whose creative genius spanned nearly 5 decades.I have worked whilst listening to Radio 6 plotting his life against musical notes - each one more poignant than the last.
I grew up dancing and nodding to Ashes to Ashes, Low, ALadIn Sane,Fame, and Let's Dance, whilst my mother ironed and we watched, jaws-dropping at his mesmerising videos on television. Later I was lucky enough to attend the Royal Premier of the film "Labyrinth" which was created for the BFI to raise money to appoint my father to build them their wondrous Imax Cinema at the then derelict Bull Ring in London's Waterloo.I walked the red carpet as a young teen, clutching my programme, praying I'd bump into him on the way to my seat.

I later spent 8 hours queuing with friends at Wembley's gates to see him in his Glass Spider Tour and as we ran across the pitch to get the best position, we laughed and screamed at how incredible it felt to be part of his musical adventure. We returned to school hoarse and unable to take part in the daily register for 3 days.
I fell out of step with his experimentation with drum & bass and Tin Machine but never failed to enjoy his ever-changing stage personas and avant guard fashions. He was a huge part of my creative influences as a teenager, bulldozering into my life as a designer.

I had never questioned his sexuality his use of makeup and outlandish costumes - it was just that he was an artist, choosing to go his own way, on his own terms.He was unafraid of the shock or ridicule it caused and rather revelled in creating a stir. I feel now, as a designer working for myself, that it's so important to be creatively TRUE to yourself - not yield to "celebrity" and other sheep-like "trends" - if you do, you might as well be employed by a High Street retailer, feeding the masses with what's safe and sanistised- the whole point of me starting my own brand from scratch is to strike out alone and hope that others will start follow and endorse what I do. So 2016 is the year I do more and more designing for ME - I might make some strange decisions or eyebrow raising colour combinations, but it will be a truth that fits into my St Leonards soundtrack - " The challenging 5th Album " (winks) And funnily enough, as I type this up now, I'm staring at a mood board I created this Summer with black and white photos of Joan Jett, Bowie and Robert Maplethorpe - there's a slash of metallic leather, patents and a slice of neon orange too...Feels like it might be the right time to be a Rebel Rebel after all.







Bowie, you will indeed be missed and never forgotten x

CHRISTMAS DELIVERY AND ORDERING November 23 2015, 0 Comments

Just a little reminder that St Leonards isn't making huge amounts of stock in September which is then stock-piled for you to order on the 20th December - St Leonards carefully selects the best leathers and fittings when you place your order and then handcrafts each piece specifically for you. This means you often get more custom options and a reminder that good things take a little time.
So if you absolutely positively have to have your item with you well before Christmas, and the last date for posting  1st Class is the 20th December, then don't dilly dally. Ordering early gives me time to get in all the right components. Try to order by the 1st week of December to give me time to make your item.
I'll do my very best to get your item constructed but if it's just not possible I'll let you know or how's about ordering a gift voucher instead? Then you can give a St Leonards gift without getting in a pickle.
Merry Christmas!

GIFT VOUCHERS November 16 2015, 0 Comments

This is just a short blog posting to let you know that I have created gift vouchers for those of you who'd like to give a St Leonards product without the fear of choosing the wrong thing!

Vouchers are now available in £10, £50, £100 and £150 denominations and there's even one especially designed for the 1 day Workshops too!

Search for GIFT VOUCHERS or go to the HOME & GIFT section to find out more.




St Leonards is teaming up with other designers and crafters to show off its wares over the coming Winter months.Make a note in your diary and come and say "Hi" It's a great opportunity to see the quality of my products in the flesh or find out more about my 1 Day Workshops.

SAT NOVEMBER 7TH  SAMPLE SALE at a local studio in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex 40A Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex


SAT DECEMBER 5TH -  BATTLE MEMORIAL HALL - 81 High Street, Battle TN33 0AQ , East Sussex.

SAMPLE SALE - SATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER October 19 2015, 0 Comments

Hoping to see you there!

BUY BRITISH DAY - SATURDAY 3RD OCTOBER October 02 2015, 0 Comments

Support all who make and manufacture in Great Britain by buying at least one thing on Saturday 3rd October. Whether it's just a teatowel or maybe a full blown super yacht, make the decision to support our own national economy rather than someone elses'. Create an income for someone who has just taken the plunge to start their own business or support one of Britain's 200 year old heritage brands.
Go on, do your bit!
To find out more about the founders of this day go to:

UPCOMING FAIRS AND SALES - November & December September 26 2015, 0 Comments

As Autumn creeps upon us St Leonards is taking part in a few fairs so it's the ideal opportunity to look and feel ST LEONARDS luxury leather products in the flesh!

I'll update this blog and facebook nearer the time but for now, put these dates in your diary:

SAT NOVEMBER 7TH  SAMPLE SALE at a local studio in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex 40A Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex


SAT DECEMBER 5TH -  BATTLE MEMORIAL HALL - in Battle, 81 High Street, Battle TN33 0AQ , East Sussex.

Keep your eye out for more details over the coming month - see you there!



COASTAL CURRENTS - OPEN STUDIOS 2015 - IT'S ON NOW! September 04 2015, 0 Comments

This is a little reminder for those of you who want to feel, touch and smell the gorgeous leather used at Seaside HQ, that Open Studios starts now.

Opening it's doors on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September - St Leonards welcomes everyone into its home studio as well as showing the exciting professional photographic work of Tim Stallion, Alma Haser, Nick Ballon and Julian Anderson and the enchanted whimsical paintings of Kev Beaney. (You can click on some of the magery to find out more about the artists)

Doors open at 11am and we are open until 6pm.

Buy a piece of contemporary art, a beautifully handcrafted handbag or even a St Leonards Colouring Book! - yes you read it right - I've created 8 pages of colouring joy showcasing the tools, emblems and foods that I love while toiling here at work.




Alma Haser

Nick Ballon

Julian Anderson

Tim Stallion - Hastings Photographer

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR - a week away from the studio August 17 2015, 0 Comments

My very wise uncle reminded me last year that just because I was self-employed it didn't mean I didn't have to watch "the boss" - He said I needed to make sure I was a good employer to myself, and ensure that I took the same time off to rest and recuperate that any full time employee would legally be entitled to. Which in the UK means 4 week's holiday annually.Yes, 4 weeks!

For those of you running your own businesses , you'll know that it can be notoriously hard to set aside regular chunks of time off -the old mantra " if you're not working you're not earning" rings loudly in your ears and often within the creative industries, we're somehow programmed to believe that because we're doing something we love, we're practically  on holiday all year round and don't need a formal holiday!

So I set my email "Out of Office" reply and planned a day out  in East Sussex. We're so lucky where we live - we are sandwiched between gorgeous coastline, idyllic chocoloate box cottages with picture postcard village greens, impressive stately homes and National Trust treasures.

Here I am relaxing in the privately owned Pashley Manor Gardens which is opened to the public during the Summer months- owned by Mr and Mrs James Sellick they live all year round in their Grade I listed timber-framed house, dating from 1550 which was then later enlarged in 1720. They opened their gardens to the public in 1992, having brought them to their present splendour with the assistance of the eminent landscape architect the late Anthony du Gard Pasley and their team of gardeners.

It has a very relaxed feel and a mix of large ponds and dense woodland as well as vibrant floral borders closer to the house.It's not a very large expanse so you can easily walk it in an hour. But what was  almost more alluring was their inviting open air swimming pool (no bathing allowed) and their amazing lunch menu cooked fresh every day by 3 cooks with a dessert selection to put all the National Trust cafes to shame!!!

I decided that I'd experiment and try to do some sketching and dug out my ancient watercolour set and attempted to fire up my more artistic side - it was fun! It was so wonderful to be out of the house and office - because home is work and vice versa I find my mind is alwaya whirring about things I haven't done/need to do/should be doing - but out in the fresh air with a like-minded friend, we could really forget our duties and get stuck into the beautiful landscape.


K sketching at Pashley Manor

Here I am lounging amongst the flower beds

During my week off I played crazy golf with friends and dabbled in watercolour painting

Finding a shady spot to draw the large pond and weeping willows

 My sketches, a bed of artichcokes, my friend Lisa enjoying Pashley's incredible lunch, the view of the pond (sketch and reality)


Taking time out to do something completely different to your normal working week needn't be a massive extravagant holiday but it really rejuvenates your soul and gives you much-needed energy to get cracking with work again.

To find out more about Pashley click HERE


SUPPORTING SOMETHING UNIQUE - share the love of a new British brand June 18 2015, 0 Comments

Just like leather, emerging British made design brands like St Leonards need to be thought of as unique and precious commodities. Yes it's ANOTHER handbag seller, YES surely there are enough bag sellers already out there in the marketplace?! -  but I'd like you to stop and consider adding SUPPORT to the interactions you make with independent brands over the next 6 months.
Supporting small British brands doesn't only have to come in the form of spending money (although that's very much appreciated) but it's also in how you spread the word to your local community and about how it makes you FEEL.
Large multi-national brands like Mulberry and Prada have eye-watering marketing and PR budgets to feed the fashion editors hunger for new product to write about, and of course the more they pay,the more you hear about them online, on television and in magazines  -it's a global business, spreading their brand globally.
With small brands it's different - the entire business is often started from scratch by one person and their marketing budget is next to nothing - it relies completely on word-of-mouth peer reviews and testimonials to get more business and grow.
So when you take a few minutes to go online and look at a new brand, even if you don't make a purchase, please do share the link you found with friends via email, social media, Pinterest and other outlets - read blog postings and share them onwards and outwards to the wider world. It's your support that will enable us to develop new products you'll want to buy in the future.


St Leonards rode the wave of pride thanks to the wonderful Summer edition of Elle Decoration Country this week. Thanks to the writer Rachel Ward's interview, her 4-page article highlights a sea change in 4 dilapitated South Coast seaside resorts which now, thanks to a new wave of artists and designers arriving, are seeing a wonderful regeneration. Of course run-down often means deprived but cheaper living costs have always attracted creative souls and it's this amazing creativity,community and sense of something beautifully faded that lured St Leonards' founder "K" to leave London and move down here in 2007.

The article looks at Margate, Folkestone, Hastings and good old St Leonards and as you will see if you can grab a copy, there's an interview asking each designer where they recommend to shop eat and play!



Take a look at Anya Hindmarch's show for AW15 and it will be sure to add some humour and surprise to your day! It's a super storytelling show - making a fun accessory collection out of a potentially dull subject matter.

Themed around the British highways and motorways - all the fun of your theory test including appliqued totes and sticker embossed bags are shown off against witty silk jumpsuits motifed with weather report iconography and road sign messages. Click HERE to see the whole show under the heading DIVERSION.

Road blocking show stopper in my book.

All photographs taken from the Anya Hindmarch website.

SAMPLE SALE - FRIDAY 1ST MAY 2015 April 08 2015, 0 Comments

Celebrate the start of the weekend, the start of a BANK HOLIDAY weekend, AND new pay packet by joining us at a Seaside Sample sale. St Leonards is joing forces with top British jewellery brand Pearl & Queenie and many other leading independent brands for a day of stylish samples, see details below.
Norman Road is a wonderful street in the bohemiam town St Leonards on Sea - the street is home to several cafes, interiors and antique shops as well as a brilliant vintage haberdashers and hair salons - Just one road back from the sea and a 15 min walk into Hastings, it's the perfect spot for a weekend getaway!


Order a beautiful St Leonards bag and enjoy free postage and wrapping as well as free returns. So now there's no reason to hestitate - you've got style in the bag. Enter the FREEPASS code when you get to the checkout area.Valid for shoppers within the UK. Customers outside of the UK can still use the code and then just pay the supplement necessary when the item is due for delivery. Valid until midnight 11th April 2015

EASTER COMPETITION! March 26 2015, 0 Comments

Why worry about the guilt-laden calories of the Easter weekend, when you can concentrate your mind on which St Leonards product to choose when you enter our competition???

Simply go to the Facebook Page  and share the page 5 times. Then comment on which prize you'd like -A,B or C - That's it! The winner will be chosen at random after the Bank Holiday Monday 6th April.

The prizes are:

A- Enjoy learning a new skill and come make a Little Alfred mini pouch in the 1 day workshop.

B- The stylish understated Nautilus handbag - the perfect daily bag

C- The Eversfield iPad/iPad Mini folio with and matching Cardholder

Make sure you spread the word and join in the fun.


MAKE A WALLET & CARDHOLDER March 22 2015, 0 Comments

Come and spend a day at Seaside HQ and learn how to make a leather wallet and cardholder. With an intimate group of 4 you'll get the foundation knowledge on how to prepare and cut saddlery leather, use an assortment of tools and tame the Adler industrial sewing machine to stitch and sew your pieces into a set of gentlemen's small leather goods.

Classes are available on every Saturday in May. To book a place which is limited to 4 per day, go to: BOOK A WORKSHOP

 leather wallet workshop

VALENTINE & BIRTHDAY SALE February 14 2015, 0 Comments

To celebrate Love and Birthdays at Seaside HQ, St Leonards has handsomely reduced many items until the end of February. Take a mooch around the website to find out which bag you'll succumb to.

FUNNY VALENTINE February 09 2015, 0 Comments

St Leonards has a warm fuzzy feeling in its' tummy.The heraldic emblems have a fresh new face in the form of laser cut acrylic.Playing with the motifs like The elegant Lobster and the Anchor, St Leonards has created a key fob that mixes practicality with fashionable fun. Click HERE to find out more and buy.

1 DAY LEATHER HANDICRAFT WORKSHOPS - Book now with St Leonards and get 10% OFF January 20 2015, 0 Comments


After all the giddy hustle and bustle of Christmas the next few months can seem a bit lack-lustre and dreary.Why not take the time to learn a new skill? Take some time out to be creative in an exciting way - to learn how to hone and cut leather, stitch glue and sew it into a beautiful object you can treasure for years to come.

Choose from 3 different 1-Day workshops - each held at the home studio fondly known as Seaside HQ - come and learn how to make the pared down Little Alfred mini purse bag, or how about a canvas and leather strapped Rucksack, or what about impressing your beau with a hand made wallet and cardholder?

Using the link below - see which course suits you best. If you don't see a date you'd like - just make contact - alternatives can be arranged. To make it even easier, here's a nifty 10% OFF voucher code : HANDY

Click HERE for link to workshops


St Leonards is immensely proud to be manufacturing a new handcrafted canvas and leather bag for renowned British clothing label Margaret Howell.

Margaret's pared down utilitarian style has given men and women decades of classic androgynous style that I've admired since I was a teenager - so it was a huge thrill to be invited to collaborate on a style with them to launch in Spring 15.

I showed them a series of Totely canvas products that I designed at our first meeting in July 2014 and from there the MH Team suggested slight changes that they'd like to make the product unique to them. We manipulated the size, changed the seam construction and added some extra rivet details.. An internal pocket was added too - it's unique to Margaret Howell London  and should go on sale at the end of January at their stores.





Come along and get some beautiful leather gifts and accessories in time for Christmas - the pop up shop will be at Seaside HQ - home studio of founder K - Come along and enjoy some mulled wine and minced pies - get festive and bring CASH!

Prices from £5 to £300. CASH ONLY - or PayPal email login  if you know your password



Please tell your friends and family! - to find out more go to: FACEBOOK EVENT

Free parking for 2 hours in the street or there's a Pay and Display car park on the seafront 3 mins away.

Cashpoint machines are located close by on the corner of Norman and London Road, St Leonards on Sea.


ONE DAY WORKSHOP October 07 2014, 0 Comments

St Leonards hosted its 2nd one day workshop where 3 lovely folk came to learn how to make a Little Alfred mini bag.

Charlotte, Tim and Gabby learnt how to trace a pattern onto their leather, prep and punch out the right holes and embark on the Adler Odyssy -using the German built walking foot machine.

The class is perfectly paced to allow time for experimentation and test runs before committing to the "real thing"


Best of Britannia show is here again. From the 2nd - 4th October the world's only Pop-Up department store sets out its wares at the Farmiloe Building, in Shoreditch, London.

Come and visit on Saturday and Sunday when it's open to the public.

If you're a buyer/retailer, please come and visit on the trade day which is Thursday 2nd October - St Leonards will have an edited selection of products on show thanks to its brand ambassador Wigington Bros purveyors of fine neckties and mens accessories.

The stand is 6A on the 2nd floor of the Modern Building.

To find out more about the show and who's exhibiting please go to:

We look forward to seeing you there!


Photo by Graham Witby Boot Taken from WWD magazine




NEW PRODUCT FOR AUTUMN September 11 2014, 0 Comments

St Leonards has just started to wear a cardi in the evenings - so it could be Autumn. And that means new products online.

Take a look at the beautiful timeless Shire Bucket Tote bag in Chestnut full grain saddlery leather.Available with or without the horsebrass emblems.

St Leonards Shire Tote bag

SAMPLE SALE & OPEN STUDIO - SEPT 6TH/7TH & 13TH/14TH August 21 2014, 0 Comments

open studios st leonards sample sale                       bruce williams oil paintings open studio                                         tim stallion photography show open studios


It's that time again and St Leonards is taking part in the annual Coastal Currents arts festival.A month of art music film and events as well as Open Studios to celebrate the amazing creative hub in St Leonards, Hastings and the surrounding areas.

Seaside HQ opens up its doors for 4 great events:

ST LEONARDS SAMPLE SALE - slight seconds and samples as well as a preview of some designs too. Cash only sale and products cost from £5 - £350

MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING - Saturday 6th Sept - for the 3rd year running St Leonards hosts  a cake sale to raise funds as part of the Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Come and buy tea and cake and do good.

BRUCE WILLIAMS - The bold and thickly expressive figurative oil paintings of Bruce Williams will be on show in the hall and living room of Seaside HQ.

TIM STALLION - Photographer Tim  is showing a beautifully edited series of work entitles SIGNS OF LIFE. On show in the hall at Seaside HQ


Sat 6th* Sun 7th September  11-6pm    * Macmillan cake sale only on this day

Sat 13th Sun 14th september 11-6pm



Seaside HQ

20 East Ascent

St Leonards on Sea

East Sussex

TN38 0DS


We look forward to seeing you!




Come & Make at Seaside HQ.St Leonards has release a set of dates from August to September for a wonderful bag making experience.To find out more go to the website and clik on the menu heading COURSES...
one day leather bag workshops

COASTAL CURRENTS ART SHOW 2014 August 07 2014, 0 Comments

St Leonards Accessories is proud to be taking part in this year's Coastal Currents Arts Festival -throwing open its home studio doors for Open Studios and selling samples and new designs. To find out what's happening across Hastings & St Leonards from dance and theatre to studios and crafts and art shows - there's a bold mix of free and paid for art events...Click on the link to find out more:

ST LEONARDS GOES ON SALE! July 08 2014, 0 Comments

Enjoy some of the stylish core products of the St Leonards brand at wonderful prices. Grab yourself a half price beauty now.

VERY UPMARKET POP UP STORE: 28TH-30TH MARCH March 22 2014, 0 Comments

St Leonards pitches up at the inaugural Very Upmarket Designer fair next week. Hosted by the Baker Mamonova Russian Art Gallery on Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, it's your chance to meet the Founder "K" and see the products in the flesh.St Leonards' leather and canvas products will be rubbing shoulders with bespoke leather upholsterers Bombarock, refined haberdashers Merchant & Mills, wood lighting guru LogJam and many more stylish local designers.

Click on the image below to find out more about the event and what's happening in satellite venues around St Leonards.

MUSHI MUSHI May 02 2013, 0 Comments

 St Leonards now supplies the Japanese market with products from St Leonards on Sea.I'm hugely proud to be selling to Watanabe & Co Japan. You can find some products in Tokyo and Osaka.

NEW START April 29 2013, 0 Comments

St Leonards is now trialling a new web hosting site called Shopify. This blog marks the start of the next stage for the business.

Bright ideas and new ways of working.