Just a little reminder that St Leonards isn't making huge amounts of stock in September which is then stock-piled for you to order on the 20th December - St Leonards carefully selects the best leathers and fittings when you place your order and then handcrafts each piece specifically for you. This means you often get more custom options and a reminder that good things take a little time.
So if you absolutely positively have to have your item with you well before Christmas, and the last date for posting  1st Class is the 20th December, then don't dilly dally. Ordering early gives me time to get in all the right components. Try to order by the 1st week of December to give me time to make your item.
I'll do my very best to get your item constructed but if it's just not possible I'll let you know or how's about ordering a gift voucher instead? Then you can give a St Leonards gift without getting in a pickle.
Merry Christmas!