THE EDITed - ERICA DAVIES and her British made leather bag 0 Comments

It's such a refreshing change when you find a REAL woman who gives you a fresh and totally wearable slant on modern fashion, and none's more stylish in an easy-wearing way than fashion writer Erica Davies and her daily blog "The Edited"

Erica has previously worked as a fashion journalist for The Sun, The Mirror and Look magazine and combines her role as a commercial stylist with Boden, M&S and Jigsaw and her own writing. Her own personal take on a fashion magazine takes the form of The Edited which is a visual feast about her personally curated fashion, home and beauty picks. I think that fact that she's a working mother with a highly attuned and refined sense of personal style makes her outfit choices so desireable and is the reason she's got such a huge following on her blog and on Instagram too.

Her style very much suits the St Leonards ethos of fun and effortless chic and the way she puts things together makes the perfect mix of colour and texture across a broad price bracket too.So I was thrilled when Erica agreed to take one of my British made leather bags out for a spin.

Here's the photo that went on to be published, It's showing off the stylish two-tone quality of the Robart leather handbag, currently available on my website right now.



I love the way she's combined the rich blue and berry combination of my Italian cowhide bag with the swishing inky fur textures and a skinny trouser. It's a blue and black look that's grown up and joyful for a day out in town or a meeting with friends.

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 All photographs taken by Erica Davies -The Edited Blog