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Solaris owned and run by Alex (which is a gallery/fine art printers on the same street as me) has a constantly revolving show of work and its latest show called Space Invaders has piqued my interest. It's a group show combining the work of 5 artists across assorted media and is sure to engage a new audience. The work of Hermione Allsopp particularly caught my eye so I headed over to her personal website.

I particularly like the sculptural pieces which combine the delicate domestic household objects like pastel coloured plates and bowls or sherbet-coloured pleated lampshades which are set into a mixture of gravel and foam - the hardness of these brutal building materials having something quite soft perishable and delicate peeping through is really interesting!

Graduating in 2012 from Canterbury School of Fine Art Hermione has been constantly developing and showing her work both in the UK and internationally. She often playfully mixes collected domestic objects with harder elements like wooden interior objects, concrete and foam. 

Here are some images of her work which I took from her site - Here's the link to her website  

Blocked and stacked cubes with playful colourful shiny dinners plates and bowls. Part domesticity, part Hifi Speakers in shape- these colourful sculptures look like they can be re-stacked and blocked up into different pleasing shapes.

The Victorian wood turned legs remind you of the home and how they'd perhaps sit in a domestic environment.

The delicate almost lingerie-like frills of the lampshade peeping out of the solid ball form create a very exotic sea urchin-esque quality. 

Mattresses cut up and folded into bookish objects, colour graded and stored in a wooden bookcase.There's something incredibly pleasing about the soft padded sections squeezed and archived into the hard shelves.

This makes me think of an exploding Victorian crinoline. Oozing out of itself and spilling Sea Anenome-like; overflowing and overpowering the delicate chair legs below. It feels strange to see a mattress, normally so solid and flat, seemingly flowing and curling so daintily. A hundred pocketed petticoats on display!

If you'd like to see the group show head over to Solaris at 76 Norman Road, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 0EJ. They are open Tuesday to Saturday. 

The show Space Invaders is on until 27th October.