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Hello all,


-Well, it's been a really long time since the last posting - APRIL! A lot's been happening, and much of it's been an internal dialogue about how I want the business to adapt. It's also been about getting used to my new home life and caring for a poorly dog too.

Anyway - in the reassessment of my own online business - its branding, and how ST LEONARDS is going to keep going and keep being RELEVANT to how I feel now ( and that's very different to how I felt when it launched in 2010 ) I realised that over the last 20+ years of my working life, I've picked up an awful lot of knowledge and that these nuggets and insights might be useful to you too! 

So, I've created an exciting new event that's taking place on Sunday 20th October ( so hopefully people will have the time off to attend ) and it's about building the foundations of your brand. Often we have an idea of what the business is about, it probably started with the logo and then "Whoosh!" you forgot those foundation beliefs in the hustle and bustle of making it "work." We can lose sight of what the core values and aims are. This message can get diluted between you, the product and the customer, to the point that it's fractured and no longer aligned! This can leave you feeling frustrated perhaps that you're attracting the wrong customers, or that you don't even connect to your own product any more.

So, if you'd like to know more, head over to the ST LEONARDS MODERN GOODS business page EVENT and/or tickets can be purchased through the link there on through this link I'm adding at the bottom.

There's just x 6 places on this one  and x 2 of them have a saving of £10 if you commit before 1st October - so sign up fast!

I really hope you'll join me for what's sure to be an insightful day! Please share with anyone you know that might find this intensive session vital for their business' growth. See you soon! K x