What's all the fuss about...ZIPS 0 Comments

What's all the fuss about...ZIPS?!!
Why are they so important?
Well, I can't start some product making until the zippers are stitched. They are crucial to the making process and can't be inserted after the bag is made up. I can't buy other zips either, because that would severely compromise the quality of my product which I'm just not prepared to do.
I'd refund customers rather than substitute a zipper.
That's how good they are.
You know, there's nothing more frustrating than a zipper that doesn't flow easily. If it stutters, sticks, scrapes, it's like having a very abrupt speed bump or gate shut in your face. It jerks you out of what you were doing.
The whole point of St Leonards Accessories is that they look fantastic, and work beautifully, so much so, that you forget they're there.
Quietly, beautifully, getting on with their job.
St Leonards bags are not showy, but people tell me they are absolutely the best bag they have EVER had.
And that makes me happy.
That was my intention for the business.

Keep enjoying those Swiss zippers.

St Leonards Established 2010.