YOU DESERVE BETTER! January Offer 0 Comments

I know what it's like when you get disappointing presents at Christmas. You feel a mix of shame  and guilt that you seem ungrateful and selfish, and also hurt and cross that you didn't receive the gift you wanted/felt entitled to/deserved. It's complex and as we get older and more aware of how things are made, the dross of mass-produced, less-than-special imported goods seem pointless, even tasteless. They leave a hollow feeling inside. And it's no different within the world of accessories. Perhaps even more so, as these additions can really add so much core strength to your wardrobe and they do an important job every single day in making you feel good and walk tall.
So here's where St Leonards comes in. You hinted about that bag back in October. The hint was ignored. You hoped and crossed your fingers in November and prayed just a little bit. By December you were worried and then resigned to it. An inferior item was substituted. So here's the thing - you now get to resolve these Christmas wrongs by investing in the item you REALLY REALLY wanted, at a great price. In a month that's usually a little flat and lack-lustre you become the joyful owner of a wardrobe staple.
So, start choosing the St Leonards product you've always wanted and type in the code: IMKINDOFABIGDEAL to get a super whopping 20% off any bag over £150. It does not apply to 1 Day Workshops.
Offer ends Midnight January 31st.
You're welcome!